Christian Marchant



One of my favorite writers once said: "I'm in a constant process of thinking about things." I have always thought this perfectly depicts the experience of a strategist. Every project challenges my process of learning and thinking. I love keeping up with happenings in culture and technology. I am always trying to understand human behavior and what drives people’s choices. I am intrigued by different tribes of people and interesting subcultures. Strategy is so engaging because I am constantly thinking about how I can use new things I learn to create purpose and value for brands. 

I'm really into music.

I'm a huge music nerd. I like playing heavier stuff like screamo and hardcore, but I keep up with just about everything else. I believe music is a platform to bring people together and connect over shared ideas, but it's also just therapeutic to cut loose and shred some riffs at full volume. 


I play in some bands.



I hosted punk shows for years in my basement.

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I listen to one album I have never heard every day.

I'm really into movies. 

I'm a horror and sci-fi enthusiast. If someone made a movie about a chainsaw wielding vampire running rampant through a space station full of flesh eating humanoids, I'd probably watch it four hundred times. Good stories are powerful, but bad ones can be just as entertaining.  

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I made a sci-fi film based on a poem.


I collect classic horror and sci-fi VHS tapes.