Christian Marchant

Classic Sci-Fi and Horror VHS

The Nostalgia of Classic VHS

For the past few years, I have been collecting an array of science fiction and horror VHS tapes. 

Of course these movies are fun and goofy to watch, but more than that, this collection allows me to connect with others over shared history. These movies are an immediate connection to good times of candy and soda on a Friday night in high school. Gathering around with friends and watching these old movies always brings out a side of people you might not normally see.

Reflecting on these movies and time periods:

  • Brings back the comfort of younger days
  • Sparks a connection between people through a mutual love of the past
  • Brings back a creativity in conversation that many people may have thought lost to their younger days

I truly believe these classics are a medium to connect with others that today's movies cannot achieve.